Search of manager

"Minstrels" are badly off for the experience of a professional manager today. The ensemble has a various, high qualitative repertoire, including compositions of different genres: from popular classical music to easy listening.

"Minstrels" is not expensive and a very mobile group (5 performers). The ensemble is capable to play on any stages, including outdoor places. Both the whole group and the separate members of the ensemble are prizewinners of the different national and international competitions. At the same time, in spite of all their success, "Minstrels" couldn't issue their CD up to now, couldn't organize active promotion of their creation, and couldn't get public attention, corresponding to the level of their playing. In order to solve all these problems it is necessary to have money. Butů "Minstrels" can only play very well. And today they are only supported by the loud applause of audience in the occasional concerts and enormous love for music.